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Here are some articles on current trends and issues in the world of
filmmaking. F
rom Film School Online's Lou LaVolpe.

The "MacGuffin": A Key Plot Device in Film Storytelling

Screenwriting: Secret Thoughts & Special Characters

Rise of the Anti-Hero in Film & TV

A Career in Movies or Television?

Cinematography & The Digital Imaging Technician

Screenwriting Beyond Clichés

Film is Dead, R.I.P. 1888-2011

An Introduction to Film Distribution

Low Budget Movie Secrets to Success

Catch 22: Film Financing & Casting

The Technology Trap

Understanding RAW Files

Red One Camera: 4K Resolution Breakthrough

The Power and Pitfalls of Camera Movement

Film Budgeting: An Introduction

Camera Height - The Neglected Variable

Splicing: The Business Side of Film Editing

How to Make a Movie - A Primer For Filmmaking

Film Industry Jobs

Evolution of Film School

Digital Filmmaking Retrospective

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