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Our online filmmaking courses feature well written, easy to follow lessons using a simplified Blackboard/Moodle approach.

In the lessons, film concepts are broken down into their basic components for easy understanding, much like taking apart an engine to see how the pieces fit together to make it work.

The cost is only $14.99 per course, or you can take the Complete Program for the discounted price of $49.99--a great value! You can earn a certificate at any time in the future by upgrading to the Certificate Program, based on placement availability.


Complete Filmmaking Program
This is our complete online film program. It covers all the vital areas of filmmaking from script to screen, including film, video, and digital media. Create your own learning timetable with 2 years extended access to all 7 courses listed below. Includes
a 50% discount. Click here for details.
$49.99 (2 years access)


Complete Filmmaking Program PLUS Audio Lectures
Same as above but with access to the Audio Lecture Series. Includes an additional price discount. Click here for lecture topics and previews.
$74.99 (2 years access)


The screenplay is the only element in a movie that must stand on its own. It provides the spark for investor interest and then becomes the foundation for everything that follows. Great directing and star appeal cannot save a poor script! Consequently, it must be outstanding in every respect. Learn the secrets of creating an intriguing, marketable script.  Topics include story concept, structure, scene development, character, dialogue, exposition, set up, format, writing process, and difficulties. Click here for the entire Lesson Plan.

$14.99 (3 months access)


The director is the artistic leader in the making of a movie. This course explores how professional directors translate the script to the screen and how they direct the creative energies of the cast and crew. Topics include: artistic identity, screen language, interpretation the script, translation to the screen, craft departments, set procedure, directing actors, directing the camera, and documentary filmmaking. Click here for the entire Lesson Plan. 

$14.99 (3 months access)


This comprehensive course is designed for filmmakers who realize that there is more to cinematography than point and shoot equipment. Learn the art and craft of capturing images in both film and digital video. Topics include: cameras, lighting equipment,
exposure, contrast, lighting setups, working with windows, fluorescents, sunlight, shade, sunset, overcast, night, movement, groups, car shots, and tricks of the trade. Click here for the entire Lesson Plan.
$14.99 (3 months access)


Sound has the power to convey both information and mood. The best filmmakers understand its potential, but many treat it as a low priority. In fact, the telltale sign of a low budget movie is poor sound. This course teaches you the ins and outs of high quality movie sound. Topics include: uses of sound in movies, perceptual characteristics, the audio chain, tape stock, recorders, meters, microphones, signal processing, sync systems, problems of location recording, and post-production mixing
. Click here for the entire Lesson Plan.
$14.99 (3 months access)


Editing is about giving structure, form, rhythm, and pace to a movie. It is a complex and highly creative craft. In fact, the editor is often called the second director. This course is really an eye opener because it pulls together all the key elements of filmmaking.  Learn what it really means to be a movie editor.  Topics include:
time/space basics, cutting shots, cutting scenes, transitions, dialogue, sound, music, continuity, crossing the imaginary line, creating tension, momentum, rhythm, and pace. The course covers all aspects of film and nonlinear editing. Click here for the entire Lesson Plan.

$14.99 (3 months access)


If you have a script that you want to produce and have no prior experience, this course is for you! Learn step-by-step what it takes to get a movie made. Topics include all the key areas of producing: finance, distribution, marketing, budgeting, scheduling, cast, crew, and locations. Emphasis is on micro-budget production. Learn why the Hollywood model of production does not work for low budget filmmakers. Includes over 30 great strategies that will get your movie made for the lowest cost and highest quality possible
. Click here for the entire Lesson Plan.
$14.99 (3 months access)


Unleash Your Creativity!
Unleash your creative potential with this very special online course, designed for those of you who have difficulty coming up with ideas. If you have no problem generating ideas but don't know what to do with them, this course will also help. Dry spells? You've come to the right place! Topics include how the creative mind works, the creative process, brainstorming, developing ideas, evaluation, obstacles, and dry spells
. Click here for the entire Lesson Plan.
$5.99 (3 months access)


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