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The goal of the Audio Lecture Series is to reinforce important lessons in our online courses. It is not required for the courses, but rather a supplement.

If you are not enrolled in the online courses, you are welcome to participate in the lecture series. It represent only a fraction of what is in the courses, so we hope it inspires you to enroll in the main program!

This audio series is composed of ten essential lectures covering all the key areas of filmmaking. Each lecture is intended to make an immediate impact on the way you think about filmmaking and approach your project. Each one is guaranteed to be an eye opener.

It is vital information that aspiring filmmakers need to know but often never hear in such a comprehensive yet easy to understand form. Some of it never finds its way into the typical classroom because of its sensitive nature (e.g. film festivals), so this is a unique opportunity to learn.

As with everything in Film School Online, there are no advertisements or "fillers" to take up your valuable time. It's all business--hard, helpful information.

The lecture series can be previewed below. After enrolling, you will be given a password to the full length lectures, which average about 20 minutes each (3 1/2 hours combined time).

You can listen to them on you computer or transfer them to an iPod or MP3 player. To play downloads on your computer, you will need a media player like iTunes, which is free (see directly below).

Download iTunes Media Player Here - FREE!



Cinematography Basics, Part 1 - Does your camera work look flat or uninspired? Wonder what you are doing wrong? This lecture explores professional lighting techniques used for mood and movement on both small and large sets. Includes light functions, basic setups, and lighting ratios. Time: 20 minutes.


Cinematography Basics, Part 2  - This is the conclusion of cinematography basics. The lecture covers the tools of the cinematographer, setting the intensity of the different lights in your setup, and setting camera exposure. Time: 23 minutes.


Sound Basics, Part 1  - Bad sound will make your movie unmarketable. Learn the techniques of recording professional quality sound and avoid the common mistakes made by low budget filmmakers. (This lecture was also released as "Bad Sound, The Film Killer.") Time: 21 minutes.


Sound Basics, Part 2 - This is the conclusion of sound basics. The lecture covers VU vs. peak meters,  recording levels, setting up the mixer,  issues of location sound, and room tone. Time:14 minutes.


Screenwriting Basics: The Story - With all the emphasis on "structure" these days, it is easy to overlook the elements that are required to create a truly great story. This lecture examines the key story elements that must be considered before writing that first scene. Time: 26 minutes.


Documentary Filmmaking Crash Course - Everything you ever wanted to know about documentary filmmaking but couldn't find on the web! Theory, techniques, special skills, and of course, the key to making a great documentary--all demystified. Time: 22 minutes.


Understanding HD Digital Video, Progressive Scanning & 24p - Digital video made easy! Concepts include standard vs. high definition, progressive vs. interlaced scanning, frame rates, 24p, and 4k technology. These formats and standards are tied to popular cameras--DVCAM, DVC Pro, DigitBeta, VariCam, HDCAM, and The Red One. Time: 21 minutes.


To Film School or Not To Film School - Is film school necessary for success? If you are torn between going to film school and teaching yourself, this lecture will put things in perspective. Explores instruction, equipment, contacts, and peer review. This one may surprise you! Time: 20 minutes.


Directing & Editing Basics: The Scene - Create outstanding scenes for your film with this in depth look at the three major scene designs--Continuous Action, Parallel Action, and Montage. Learn when and how to use each approach like the pros. NOT your typical discussion of shots and angles! Time: 26 minutes.


Secrets of Film Financing, Festivals & Distribution - Looking to make a feature film? This lecture is a real eye opener. Learn how successful producers finance and distribute their projects, and avoid the mistakes that countless aspiring filmmakers make! Time: 20 minutes.



  Audio Lecture Series - $29.99

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