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"In his lessons, La Volpe emphasizes film aesthetics
and--above all--the importance of good storytelling...
While students in traditional film schools 
tend to specialize in one aspect of filmmaking,
his program provides training in all aspects."

"You've got a great site!"
Angela Lovett, President

Websites like eHow.com and Ask.com use Film School Online
as an authority website for their research

"I just raced through the producing course (I was
enjoying the material so much) and I just want to say,
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."
-Carol Barrett, Canada, Producing

"More information than any book or website...
Thanks for getting me started!"
-David Glenn, Canada, Complete Program

"Reasonable pricing makes this valuable
 instruction available to individuals who are
 challenged by limited resources."
-Maxyne Rose, PA USA, Complete Program

"An incredible amount of information,
 I'm still 'reeling'!"
 -Ed Renford, U.K., Complete Program

"The links alone are worth the price of the course.
 Thanks for doing the legwork."
-Sarah Bowman, CA USA, Screenwriting

Special thanks to our many students around the world!

"The Screenwriting course is Fabulous!
 A great amount of much-needed information..."
-Valerie Sherone Hailey, WA USA, Screenwriting

"A lot of knowledge in a very easygoing
format. Good job!"
-Alejandro Name, VA USA, Complete Program

"Six months ago I had absolutely no idea how to
even start making a film. Today I am writing
the script for a movie which I will be filming in
the summer. Thank you for making this possible."
-Jon Green, Germany, Complete Program

"I have found a creative home!!!
Pass along a very special 'Thank You'
to Louis La Volpe."
Paula Kaye, Georgia USA, Complete Program

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