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The online certificate program is for students who want to document their studies. To receive a certificate you must:
1. complete
an online course
2. take a written exam
3. provide a sample of your work

Exams are administered via email. They are composed of short, open-book style essay questions. Work samples may be mailed or streamed over the Internet, depending on their nature (screenplays and production boards must be mailed; movies can be streamed).

Access to online lessons is three months for individual courses and two years for the Complete Program. There is no time limit for the other requirements, so you can take the test and provide a work sample at any time after the course ends. The test is accessed directly from the website. When all the requirements are met, you will receive a certificate from the New York Alternative Film School.

Like the standard program, the certificate program features self-study style courses. They are broad in scope and well written, but you must invest the time to learn. For individual courses, the cost is $125 to cover exam grading and project review. For the Certificate in Filmmaking, which covers all production areas, the cost is $250.

Certificate courses are an upgrade. In other words, you must be enrolled in the standard online course first. To determine whether you want to make the additional investment, we recommend that you spend some time using the standard course.

To enroll in the certificate program, click on the course below that you are currently enrolled in and you will be prompted for your password. If you are in the Complete Film Program and want to limit your certificate to a specific discipline, you can do this on the following page.

Certificate in Filmmaking (Complete Film Program)
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Certificate in Screenwriting
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Certificate in Directing
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Certificate in Cinematography
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Certificate in Sound
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Certificate in Editing
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Certificate in Producing
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Enrollments are processed manually, so please allow one business day for your password.
It will be emailed separately from your invoice. Thanks!

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